West Haven Apartments

Sparhawk Group’s Level I energy audit services provide a quick, accurate, and thorough analysis of building energy savings potential to owners and developers who are in the process of purchasing and/or redeveloping a multi-family site.

West Haven Apartments

Sparhawk Group was hired to provide a Level I energy audit for West Haven, a seven-building apartment complex located in Apex, NC. A Level I audit provides a high-level energy use analysis which may include cost estimates, percentage utility savings, potential financial incentives available, and priority-ranked energy conservation measures for implementation. With many variables involved in the purchase and redevelopment of a property, these services are designed to consider the needs of multiple stakeholders, priorities, and operational goals to develop the scope of work that best fits the project budget.

A full suite of energy conservation measures was recommended at West Haven, including:

  • Air-source heat pump replacement
  • Heat pump hot water heater installation
  • Duct cleaning
  • Full air-sealing scope
  • Attic insulation
  • Window replacement
  • Exterior lighting upgrade
  • Water saving device installation
  • Laundry facilities update

The owner is using these recommendations to develop the total project scope and as part of their long-term operational projections. Sparhawk Group will further assist in the development and securing of project incentives depending on the final scope of work.