Sparhawk Group provides a range of services aimed at one goal — to make your building more efficient and comfortable.


We tailor specific project deliverables to best fit the project goals and requirements. Deciding which services make the most sense for you depends on a variety of factors: the type of building and where it is in its life cycle, and your goals and vision for the property help in deciding which services make the most sense. At the beginning of each project, Sparhawk Group will work with you to help chose the right path.


A summary of our services:

  • Commissioning: Commissioning is the systematic testing and verification that all equipment in a new building is designed, installed and operating properly. We work closely with the project team from the design phase through occupancy to make sure that the owner gets the building they want.
  • Solar Consulting: We provide commissioning, Independent Engineering review, construction observation, and owner’s representation for investment grade solar PV projects. Our orientation to practicality and team approach ensures a smooth design and construction process. Sparhawk Group has been trusted to consult on hundreds of solar sites nationwide.
  • Retro-Commissioning: Retro-commissioning is a way to test and verify proper operation of mechanical equipment in an existing building. The point is to find opportunities to save energy and money by optimizing existing systems.
  • Energy Consulting: Energy audits are designed to identify opportunities for energy efficiency in an existing building. These opportunities can include the replacement of existing equipment, changing the way existing equipment is currently operated or changing operations and maintenance routines. The end result is a list of energy-savings opportunities that can be implemented throughout the site.
  • Design Services: We provide mechanical design services that are geared toward efficiency and ease of operations. We pay particular attention to long-term maintenance and include user-friendly technology that makes operating and maintaining the systems easy and effective.
  • Acoustical Consulting: We provide a full suite of acoustical consulting services, all aimed at increasing the overall comfort of the built environment. Services include noise transmission, architectural and environmental consulting.