Sparhawk Group is comprised of highly professional consultants and engineers whose aim is to work with building owners, facilities staff and occupants to maximize building performance.  

Matt Holden

Matt Holden is president of Sparhawk Group and sets the vision for the team to provide client solutions that are context-appropriate. Solutions that encompass both technical and financial information presented and explained so clients can make the best informed decision. As a designer, Matt’s goal is to provide robust solutions that can be built and maintained cost-effectively.

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Joe Lloyd
Vice President

Joe Lloyd is Director of Energy Consulting at Sparhawk Group. Over the past decade, he has driven energy efficiency in hundreds of projects throughout the United States. His experience includes institutional, commercial, and multifamily energy efficiency studies and implementation. Joe finds simple solutions to complex energy efficiency projects.

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Gregg S. Garson
Director, Commissioning Services

Gregg has provided commissioning services for a variety of disciplines including hotels, schools, multifamily housing, industrial, and medical facilities. He specializes in plant operations, building automation and HVAC systems. With over 25 years of hands-on project management experience, Gregg has led successful outcomes for clients in a multitude of fields.

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Scott Pinyard
Senior Consultant

Scott leads business development efforts and provides acoustical engineering and energy auditing services at Sparhawk Group. He focuses on developing business with new clients and deepening existing working relationships. During his time at the company, Scott has developed energy efficiency projects at sites throughout the United States.

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