Maverick Landing

The combination of energy audit and retrocommissioning is a powerful energy efficiency strategy. An energy audit focuses on larger capital energy efficiency projects while retrocommissioning identifies ways to optimize performance of existing equipment.

Maverick Landing

The measures recommended in retrocommissioning are typically low cost and can be implemented immediately; the resulting cost savings can then be applied to future capital improvements. This results in both immediate savings and a long-term energy efficiency plan.

The first LEED certified multi-family development in New England, Maverick Landing in East Boston is comprised of 396 apartment units distributed among a number of lowand mid-rise buildings. Sparhawk Group was retained to perform a Level II energy audit and provide retrocommissioning services for the two mid-rise buildings. Combining quick implementation measures yielded from retrocommissioning with the ability to plan for larger capital projects identified in the energy audit report, Maverick Landing is poised to develop an energy efficiency strategy that will benefit the site for years to come.

Measures recommended in the retrocommissioning scope include:

  • Insulation repair
  • Control graphics correction
  • Make up air unit motor and fan sheaves replacement
  • Sensor calibration
  • Pump control updates

A sample of the energy audit measures include:

  • Cooling system replacement
  • Condensing boiler installation
  • Temperature limiting thermostats
  • Fan drive installation
  • Low-flow toilet installation